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I work with a wide range of issues including pain, sleep issues, and supporting pregnancies.

I also support clients for whom complementary therapy treatments form a key part of their self care.

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Pain or injury

With pain and injury I work with myofascial release and therapeutic massage to help with structural alignment and releasing tissues that are causing pain. With Chronic pain conditions I also work with shiatsu and reflexology to support the underlying systems and boost energy.

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Need to switch off?

Struggling to slow down and switch off? At busy stressful times it can be very hard to slow our systems down and quiet our minds. Acupressure facial therapy is the perfect way to achieve deep relaxation. Aromareflex incorporates using a blend of essential oils into reflexology.

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Natural ageing

Looking after our complexion and facial structure is just as important as supporting the rest of us. We hold lots of tension in our faces as they express our thoughts and emotions. Acupressure facial therapy will leave your complexion glowing and you feeling refreshed, This is great for men and women.

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Trying to conceive

This is often one of the most stressful times for both men and women. Looking after your stress levels and reproductive health is important. Reflexology, shiatsu and women’s health massage treatments are very supportive through this journey, helping to balance the body and emotions.

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Pregnancy care

Treatments are often a combination of massage reflexology and shiatsu, tailored to the changes in each trimester, helping you prepare for birth. Birth preparation sessions focus on practical techniques help your partner to support you during birth.

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Perimenopause and menopause can bring with it a range of symptoms from hot flushes, sleep issues, increased anxiety and a general increase in aches and pains. These symptoms can last for several years. Reflexology, shiatsu women’s health massage treatments can be tailored to you.

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Types of treatment

Perhaps you’d rather choose to book in for a specific type of treatment?

& Aromareflex

Treatments on the feet and hands that support all the body’s systems through the reflexology maps. Great for hormonal balance, lymphatic drainage and stress and pain relief.

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Myofascial release
& massage

Full body treatments on a massage couch using five element massage or myofascial release. Great for pain, postural issues, relaxation, injury and sports support.

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facial therapy

A deeply relaxing treatment applied to head, neck and face. A great way to switch off.  Very beneficial to facial structure, the lymphatic drainage of the face and aids natural ageing.

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Shiatsu &

Shiatsu originates in Japan and uses eastern theory. It’s a full body treatment with the client fully clothed on a futon working all the meridians of the body. Moxibustion is a warming therapy.

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Heidi Armstrong

I have been working with complementary therapies with men and women for nearly 30 years. I also teach shiatsu and advanced therapies to other practitioners.

About treatments

All you need to know about the treatments; the consultation, what to wear, where the treatments takes place, what aftercare you received and prices.

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Location & contact

My home clinic is on the just off the upper Bristol road close to the centre of Bath. It’s a quiet peaceful space where you can choose the right treatment for you.

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