Assisting you through life transitions

Covid-19 guideline are still in place here :-)

I am following Covid-19 guidelines for close contacts treatments to maintain a safe treatment space for all my clients. I will still wearing a mask and maintaining all the hygiene guidelines. I am asking clients to wear masks where possible. I have a range of clients some who are vulnerable due to health concerns so I would like to maintain a safe environment for all. These precautions are irrespective of vaccination status.

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Shiatsu in Bath with Heidi Armstrong

Reflexology and Shiatsu in Bath.

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Receive client centred body therapy, this approach to working with complementary therapies is about creating a relaxing and nurturing environment for you to tune into your body and being.

Its aids mindfulness, stress management and allows the body to heal.

If you need some time out of a busy schedule or are struggling with health issues booking a session could be the first step forward.

I am  also here to support and facilitate you through your life transitions including Pregnancy, Birth, Bereavement, Stress.

I have many years experience working with the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of health and stress with specialist training in areas such as pregnancy. I aim to give you a supportive and held space in which we can work together.

Through these individually tailored treatments we can help mitigate the stresses and trials of our busy and full lives.

Types of treatment

Treatment choices include Shiatsu, Auricular Acupunture ReflexologyTherapeutic massage Acupressure facial and aromatherapy.


Unsure what treatment you would like or benefit from best call or e-mail me to go through treatment options  we can always adapt your session to your needs. Often my clients will vary the treatments they have depending on how they feel and what they are drawn to meet their needs.

CIMG3000Transitional times can be stressful and tiring even when they are positive transitions such as Pregnancy and Birth, changing your career, moving home or something un-chosen like bereavement, depression or divorce. All of these things have an impact on our sleep and physical health.  Or sometimes  its  our health that is holding us back from thriving and moving forward.

How I work

In all my treatments I work incorporating Traditional Chinese Medical theory including the Five Elements sometimes translated as the five transitions.
Hand Reflexology in Bath with Heidi ArmstrongThey come from the Taoist philosophy where they looked at nature and applied their understanding to humans as a microcosm of the whole. It gives me a tool to translate the body’s energetic patterns in a non-judgemental and supportive way. I will also look at and address postural problems and recommend lifestyle changes.

Treatment Costs

Initial consultations at the moment will done over the phone or on zoom prior to your session to allow us to do a risk assessment to ensure the treatment is safe for you. (There is no charge for this if after a call we decide it’s not right for you to book in that is completely fine.)

The first treatment will take  an extra 10-15 minutes to ensure time for a longer consultation there is no extra charge for this. The length of your treatment will depend on what you would like see treatment pages for more details.

1 hr  – £50 for Shiatsu, Reflexology, Aromareflex, Massage, Aromatherapy, Auricular Reflexology, Acupressure facial.

1.5 hr – £70 Longer treatments often are combination session where for example facial and foot reflexology are combined .  Or add a back massage into your Reflexology session or combine Auricular Acupuncture or Moxibustion with another treatment.  This work very well for pregnancy treatments.

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My home clinic is on the just off the upper Bristol road close to the centre of Bath. It’s a quiet peaceful space where you can choose the right treatment for you.