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Seasonal Therapy with Massage and Aromatherapy in Bathlav




As the seasons change so do our needs and I find my treatments with clients differ at different times of year as seasonal issues arise. In Chinese medicine as the season moves into spring the wood element becomes fuller relating to Liver and Gall bladder organs which make it a good time to make plans and be creative. Wood energy relates to anger and frustrations which can be signs of it being stuck, working with this in the body through stretches and acupressure can keep the energy moving to prepare for summer and the fire element, a great time for expression and joy.

Support with exercise and fitness:

With the warmer weather we are often rushing out taking back up the sport or activity that had become less frequent over the cold winter months. Maybe we have been getting out on the bike we bought as our new years resolution, doing longer walks or started running again. I often find that clients with good enthusiasm forge ahead into new fitness programs and their bodies and muscles take a bit of time to adapt and often they forget to stretch or are not quiet sure which bits to stretch!leg stretch

The wood element also relates to joints, tendons and flexibility so it is a great time to incorporate more muscle specific work and stretches’ supporting any niggles to prevent injury or tackling it if injury does happen. There is nothing more frustrating than getting into new exercise programs and being halted by injury and aches and pains. This can still be a relaxing treatment but will focus on opening out the body and incorporating neuro-muscular techniques to support its performance.

Cooling and reviving:

Where as over the cold winter months supporting depletion and boosting clients energy with warming treatments like moxa or hot stones will have been appropriate, as it gets warmer, wood energy rises in the body and there is less need for heat in treatments and I will tend toward using more cooling essential oils. For example, lemon and other citrus oils that have a cleansing effect on the body and the liver. In treatments, using techniques that move fluid and lymph around the body will combat swelling from working or standing in the heat. As a result you come away feeling fresher, cooler and revived.

Hay fever and headaches:

As the hay fever season approaches using different oils such as Melissa Officinalis which has a natural antihistamine effect, lavender for its healing and soothing properties or Pine to clear and strengthen to name but a few are good ways to start to boost your system at the beginning of the season.

melissaWith headaches depending on their origins I will focus on postural tension releasing neck and shoulders and working on the feet to ground the energy that often is stuck in the head. I will use analgesic oils or hormone balancing blends with acupressure techniques to meet the bodies’ needs.

Holiday Preparation Treatments!

Sounds mad but rather than thinking of spray tans to prep for your holiday have treatments to support your goals of unwinding and feeling great.

Focus on lowering stress levels, getting support to cleanse your system and boost your immunity; as so often by the time we go on holiday we get ill and crash.

Aromatherapy Acupressure face massage treatments including lymph techniques, pressure points and oils specially chosen for your skin type to promote sleep, muscle tone, release stress can be the perfect way to start your timeout.

I love the change of seasons and building treatments that are tailored to each client for me it is part of my creative expression.

How do you find creative expression at this time of year and what are your favorite treatments for the spring and summer season?

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