Facial Reflexology for Release and Rejuvenation

Do you ever feel tired and look in mirror and feel that you’re looking washed out and drained?Facial Reflex

Have had a busy period and may have headaches, eye strain, sleep disturbance etc….. Facial Reflexology may just be what you need—

Why do we hold so much tension in our head and face?

We hold a lot of tension and stress in our face and head areas. There are typically around 43 muscles in the face and most of these are used during second to second facial expressions. Facial expressions are one of the most important ways that we communicate. It is very hard to stop our inner feeling show through our faces as it links into our unconscious and through releasing these muscles we can release held emotions and stress. Treatments to the face also have a powerful effect on the Central Nervous System (CNC), which can mitigate the effect of stress and promote regular sleep patterns.anatomy-of-human-face-muscles-stocktrek-images

Facial reflexology is rejuvenating from the inside out. It not only works on the facial muscles, skin and fascia but on reflexes on the face that relate to the organ systems of the body so helps with stress and hormonal regulation, as well as toning the skin and the muscular structure of the face.

What I bring to treatments:

As a trained Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and therapy teacher I have a comprehensive understanding of the muscular structure of the face, the circulation and skin structure, this allows me to identify your skin type and tailor the treatment and aromatherapy oils for your needs. I will also incorporate acupressure points and Japanese massage techniques to enhance the treatment.

I have been lucky enough to train in facial reflexology with the wonderful Ziggie Bergman in London. Here is what Ziggie wrote about facial reflexology in her Article of the Association of Reflexologist.

“”Facial Reflexology combines all of the therapeutic benefits of a holistic therapy with a touch of beautifying luxury! Clients often say that they feel an inner calm and a real sense of wellbeing at the end of a treatment, as well as a more youthful, glowing complexion.

Facial Reflexology achieves this by improving blood and lymph flow, releasing muscle tension and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Over time, the face can dry out and our facial muscles can contract, forming permanent wrinkles – “

What to expect:

You will start with having your face cleansed with an organic cleansers and hot towels so that it is ready to receive the facial oils chosen for you skin type.

I start with a facial massage then gently work the Reflexology points on the face incorporating special facial slide cupping where needed to support your lymphatic system and reduce any puffiness. Then incorporating   targeted massage and acupressure on your head, neck and upper shoulders focusing on where you hold tension and stress. Ending with flower waters that have the properties of essential oils and leave your face feel fresh and finish with a cool jade roller traditionally used in china to tone the skin.

It is a seamless treatment and often clients remark that they are left in a deeply relaxed state similar to mediation.

Who has Facial Reflexology?

This treatment  that is great for all ages it can be a great way for clients to combine looking after their skin and their well being. It is  not only for women so many more men are looking after themselves and are aware of the effects that stress has in their lives.

Even though the feel is as luxurious and relaxing as a facial the focus is different it takes into account your health and well being.

This is what one of my clients says:

“ I usually have deep tissue work with Heidi on my legs and back for sport recovery but when I was going through a stressful time at work Heidi suggested we could incorporate facial reflexology into a longer session, this work really well for me I found it deeply relaxing, but felt revitalised and slept really well. I now book in for facial reflexology when I need to de-stress and improve sleep patterns”   Allister Bath

Treatment options:

You can either have a 60 min Facial reflexology treatment on its own. Or have a 90 min session and combine it with foot Reflexology or a Back massage.

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Comment below to let me know your tips for looking after your face and de-stressing.

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