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Does Autumn signify and the onslaught of colds and coughs if so what can you do?

Autumn is the season related to the metal element in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

What does this mean?

The five elements in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) relate to different seasons and in the human body they have many associations relating to mental and physical aspects.  When we enter the time of year that relates to each element it means this energy is most active in these systems of the body. This can mean that its a good time to resolve issues but it can also mean that we are more susceptible to to different things.

Autumn is the season of the metal element which also relates to the lung meridian and as we all know this is the time of year where colds and flu start to increase.

In western medicine we see common links between those who suffer from asthma can also suffer from eczema and in Chinese medicine the skin is also related to the metal element so at this time of year as the weather gets colder it is very common that you see more people with Asthma flare ups and those suffering with increased problems like eczema and generally dryer skin as the colds sets in.

Our Lung energy can be vulnerable at this time of year. This can link to not only skin respiratory issues as I have mentioned but also the start of seasonal affected disorder (SAD) where the lack of day light as the days get shorter effect mood and energy levels.

What can you do? 

Seasonal Therapy

Seasonal Therapy with Massage and Aromatherapy in Bathlav




As the seasons change so do our needs and I find my treatments with clients differ at different times of year as seasonal issues arise. In Chinese medicine as the season moves into spring the wood element becomes fuller relating to Liver and Gall bladder organs which make it a good time to make plans and be creative. Wood energy relates to anger and frustrations which can be signs of it being stuck, working with this in the body through stretches and acupressure can keep the energy moving to prepare for summer and the fire element, a great time for expression and joy.