Post natal treatments in Bath

Post-birth is a very important time to be supported.

Post-birth is a very important time to be supported. It takes time to recover from birth. Treatments can support your hormones coming back into balance and help release trauma from the birth. Establishing breast feeding often leads to lots of shoulder tension so releasing this is often essential postnatally. Working the lymphatic and breast area through reflexology may ease breast soreness.

Postural support not only focuses on releasing shoulder pain and tension but can check for things like Diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation) and I can recommend exercises to support this.

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Supporting your body going through the changes postnatally: breastfeeding issues, hormonal balance, energy levels and tight shoulders. I offer either regular slots where you can come on your own for postnatal treatments or offer mum and baby sessions where you can bring your baby with you. You will receive a treatment and your baby can have a mini session too. These take place on a futon so you can relax and feed your baby while being treated. These sessions are very flexible. Mum and baby sessions are normally 1.5 hours.

When you can start these treatments will depend on your birth. If it has been very straightforward, we can start before your 6 week check, but I will get you to check with your midwife or GP that they are happy for you to come along. Even if your baby is a few months old it is not to late. You can bring toys for the baby to play with if they are on the move though this may make it harder for you to relax! Don’t forget I offer evening appointments so that you can come along when your partner can look after the baby.

One on one baby shiatsu and reflexology training: I can show you baby shiatsu, reflexology and massage to support your baby at home. You will get handouts to back up these sessions. These are normally 1.5 hours.

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