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Birth Preparation in Bath

Birth preparation in Bath

Couple being led through a birth preparation class

Couple being led through a birth preparation classThese sessions work with the mother and partner to take them through the labour from start to finish going through all the stages of labour and trying out birth positions and breathing techniques as well as teaching massage and acupressure points to help with pain relief.

They very much focus on supporting the mother and birth partner whether that is the baby’s father or another birth support. If you’re a mother who does not have this support these session are very effective at preparing you and we would focus on tailoring things to your situation.

They are very practical sessions and can give the preparation you need for your birth but also work well with NCT and hypnobirth classes as they give you additional skills that can help you put everything together for your birth plan.

These sessions are appropriate wherever you envisage your birth taking place either at hospital or at home.

A birth preparation class at the couples home.

A birth preparation class at the couples home.

First session duration and location: They are 3 hour sessions that can take place at my clinic or in your home depending on your location.

Follow up sessions

You get a follow up document that details the outcome of the sessions that we tailored to your needs and acts as reminder to help you practice techniques for the birth.

Often couples come for another session when preparing for their second or subsequent babies which enables us to move through issues that might have come up in their previous labour. Every pregnancy and labour is different and it can be very helpful to have time to focus on each one individually.

Follow up session(s) duration: These sessions are normally 2 hours.

In 2006 trained in Maternity care with the Well Mother Organisation in Bristol which provides training in pregnancy, birth, postnatal care and baby massage and Shiatsu.  And have worked with countless couples in their preparation for birth. In 2007 I become one of the Well Mother teachers training therapists to work with clients through the maternity period.

I have three children and all three births were totally different and amazing experiences in which I used breathing and positions to help focus and manage my labours. The focus of pregnancy can often be the birth but it is the transition to one of the best journeys of them all, parent hood.

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