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Pregnancy and Postnatal treatments: Massage, Pregnancy Reflexology and Pregnancy Shiatsu treatments in Bath

Treatments for all stages of pregnancy tailored to meet the need of you and your baby

Pregnancy is a very special time and can bring up a multitude of physical and emotional issues.

I have worked extensively with pregnancy for many years and teach other practitioners who work with pregnancy in Massage Shiatsu and reflexology.

CIMG3000Receiving treatments in pregnancy can be very beneficial for the mother and baby supporting the changes for both.

My treatments are adaptable for all trimesters of pregnancy.

I have lots of experience with working with the complications that come in pregnancy and highly experienced to modify treatments to meet your needs.  I am always happy to go through a free phone consultation with you to explain how I can support you.

You can choose from having Shiatsu, massage or Reflexology during your pregnancy, and I often integrate different aspects of these treatments into one session. Pregnancy

is a time of varying needs and I have found that through integrating my skills I can provide very tailored sessions that have the flexibly to adapt to any complication that may arise.

We will work together to support postural changes in your pregnancy and in the later stages treatments focus preparing your body for birth. 

Cost: 1 hour £50 or 1.5 Hour £70

Postnatal treatments

I offer either regular slots where you can come on your own for a postnatal treatments and we will focus on things like checking for Diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation) and supporting your body going through the change postnatally, breast feeding issues, hormonal balance and energy levels. I also offer Mum and baby session where you can bring your baby with

you and you will receive a treatment and your baby can have a mini session too. These take place on a futon so you can relax and feed you baby while being treated. The sessions are very flexible. We can also so sessions where I show you Baby Shiatsu and reflexology to support your baby at home. These are normally 1.5 hours.

Birth preparation sessions

These sessions work with the mother and partner to take them through the labour from start to finish, going through all the stages of labour and trying out birth positions and breathing techniques, as well as teaching massage and acupressure points to help with pain relief.
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