Shiatsu in Bath

Receive shiatsu in Bath to support you through stressful times, physical pain, and emotional issues, or to experience a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing.


During shiatsu, I will work with areas of tension and discomfort through mobilisation and releasing techniques. I will also address underlying causes and energy depletion through acupressure, moxa, and energetic holding, which allows the nervous system to release and is deeply relaxing. These address old patterns both on a physical and mental level.

The meridians relate to different mental and emotional patterns by identifying these through a consultation. A meridian diagnosis allows me to support and address your specific patterns through a nurturing and relaxing treatment. It’s a very gentle way to work with core issues.


Moxibustion therapy is where heat is applied to acupressure points and areas of the body.

Auricular acupuncture

Auricular acupuncture is the stimulation of acupuncture points on the external ear surface for the treatment of health conditions in other areas of the body. The ear holds a microsystem of the body. The resulting neural stimulation causes beneficial changes in the brain that improve the wellbeing of the client.

It has been used very successfully for many years to help with detoxification processes, so is often used to support giving up alcohol and smoking and to improve general wellbeing, thus promoting good sleep and reduced stress. I incorporate auricular acupuncture combination with shiatsu or reflexology.

Treatment Sessions

Shiatsu is a full body treatment, which will take place on a futon and is fully clothed. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and a loose top.

After a consultation and meridian diagnosis, your treatment will be tailored to your needs for that session. I will then give you related aftercare advice that may include relaxation techniques and stretches.

Treatments are usually 1 hour, but if also adding in moxa therapy or reflexology, it is 1.5 hours.

Background on Shiatsu

Shiatsu is Japanese body therapy; its roots are deeply embedded in both traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Japanese massage. Literally, shiatsu means “finger pressure”, and uses this finger pressure (along with the hands, feet, elbows and knees) as a way of both diagnosing and treating the body through the use of the Meridian pathways and acupressure points.

However, shiatsu has now become a diverse and rich body therapy with many different emphases and philosophies. The predominant type is zen shiatsu, popularised by Masunaga in the 1970s.

Using a range of techniques such as stretching, rotations and holding, a person can be brought more deeply into their body. Physical discomforts eased, physiological imbalances treated, emotions released and a deep sense of wellbeing achieved.

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