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Five Element Massage, Acupressure Facial and Aromatherapy in Bath

Five Element Massage

Massage can be one of the most straight forward but effect ways for us to get in touch with our body and support the discomfort and stress we hold from every day life.

Massage in Bath with Heidi ArmstrongI will go through a full consultation and tailor a treatment plan for you this may focus on bringing your body into a deeply relaxed state which will allow your nervous system to release to give you a deep sense of well being or we may incorporate different techniques to focus on postural issues or injury. I have trained in holistic massage, deep tissue and myofascial release release so will use a combination of techniques to best suit your needs.

We will structure your treatment to suit your presenting symptoms for example if you do a lot of exercise I will incorporate trigger point work and more deep tissue than if your focus is on supporting sleep patterns and stress. (1 –1.5 hours)

Treatments  may also include sliding cupping, moxa, or hot stones dependent on the desired treatment outcomes. (1.5 -2 hours)

Through incorporating using traditional Chinese medical theory of the five Elements this allow me to focus also on emotional and mental patterns.

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Elemental AromatherapyFive-element-aromatheraphy-logo-small

Choosing essential oils that benefit different meridians to support and tonifliy the mind and body.

_DSC8030At different times I may  also incorporate different TCM diagnostic techniques for example pulse of tongue diagnosis depending on the focus of the session.

In First consultations please allow for extra 20 minutes for me to take a full medical history at no extra cost this allows me to ensure your treatments are designed to take into count your health and ensure that treatments and are suitable for you. I like to work collaboratively and encourage clients to communicate what they feel their needs are and to give feedback.

At the beginning of each session we start with catching up to see how you are and what your needs and focus for that session will be and at the end relevant aftercare to prolong and consolidate the results of the treatment which may include stretches or dietary advice.

Acupressure Facial Massage

This is a full hour treatment working on your head face neck and shoulders. It not only uses acupressure points to release tension and benefit the whole whole body but also techniques that work with the muscular skin and facial structures of the face. The face structure is designed uniquely for us to express our self and how we feel this can lead to us holding a lot of emotion in this area. Receiving this treatment there is deeply relaxing and benefits sleep and stress patterns. As it also increased circulation and promotes collagen production it is also often linked to rejuvenation of the skin and underlaying structures.

You will have a full consultation where we can decide the right techniques and oils for you.  I will initially pre-pare your face by cleansing with an organic cleaner and warm towels this will then allow your skin to absorb the specially chosen oils for your needs. You will then have your shoulders and neck released then the facial work. This may include some very gentle face cupping.  The excess oils is then removed with flower waters which contain there own healing properties and it will end with scalp acupressure work.

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Treatment Options and Costs

1hr –  £50 Theses sessions will focus on areas that have come up in the consultation this is commonly:

Body Massage: Back, legs, arms.

Acupressure Face treatment

 1.5hr – £70  These sessions can incorporate a full body massage back, legs, arms extra shoulder work and head or abdominal massage. With the massage medium or essential oils to suit your needs.Heidi-Armstrong024


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