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Five Element Reflexology in Bath

Foot ReflexologyReflexology in Bath with Heidi Armstrong5 reflex

A full foot treatment focusing on the reflexes in you feet that relate to the body’s physiological systems to meet all your health needs it includes a relaxing pre and post foot massage.   (Usually 1 hr)


This is a wonderful treatment that incorporates all the benefits of reflexology and Aromatherapy together to support your health needs. This treatment in the winter is ideally combined with added heat with foots wraps or hot stones.

You will have your Aromatherapy blend made for at the beginning of the treatment which will be used during your treatment and you will received and aftercare blend to maximise the benefits at home. aromareflex-trained
(usually 1.5 hr)

Facial Reflexology and Acupresure Facial therapy

A deeply relaxing treatment that includes facial massage and acupressure point as well as facial reflexes to mitigate stress improve sleep patterns. It also tones facial muscles and skin, essential oils used in the treatment will be matched to your skin type. (Usually 1 hr)
*Facial Reflexology also works very well in addition to a Foot reflexology treatment or Back Massage (1.5 Hours)
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Hand reflexologyHand Reflexology in Bath with Heidi Armstrong

This can either be used as an alternative for foot reflexology or in addition to any other treatment  for example body massage and hand reflexology  then total treatment time would be 1.5 hours. 

How I work

Receiving reflexology with me: we will go through a full consultation and decide a treatment plan to suit your needs using a combination of releasing techniques for congestion and tension and tonifying techniques to support underlying depletion or tiredness.
I work incorporating  the Five Element traditional Chinese medical system, which brings in new emotional, mental and physiological associations to the organ systems of the body this allows us to see your life as a whole and offer supportive after care and treatments plans. I am also trained in Lymph drainage reflexology RLD and can incorporate this into treatments it has been shown to reduced oedema and is used very safely with secondary lymph oedema that can occur from issues like post cancer treatments.

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What is reflexology?

Reflexology in Bath with Heidi ArmstrongReflexology is a non-invasive treatment that works on a physical level through the nervous system and circulation and on emotional and mental level through deeply relaxing the mind and body. The body has the ability to heal itself; it is in a state of imbalance during and after illness, stress, injury or disease. Reflexology works on points on the feet and hands corresponding to the organs, glands and all parts of the body, to encourage healing and to restore and maintain a natural equilibrium. Within the treatment often client drift  into an alpha  brainwave state that has been been shown to aid healing.  With Five Element Reflexology you are gaining from two aspects all the same benefits as traditional Reflexology with the incorporation of traditional Chinese medicine techniques and principles to deepen the received treatment and its effects.
Good health is a balance on all levels of being: body, mind, emotions and spirit. Treatment of these corresponding reflexes on the feet and hands activates the healing powers of the whole person. Congestion or tension in any part of the feet or hands mirrors that in the corresponding part of the body.

The history of reflexology

The ancient healing art of working on the feet to deal with health issues has been practised for thousands of years: there have been sited links to the Egyptians, Chinese and Indian peoples. It was discovered in the West during the last hundred or so years and was developed particularly in the USA, Britain and Germany into the Reflexology therapy we use today.

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