Natural ageing

Acupressure facial therapy improves complexion and supports facial structure to help us feel and look confident in the wisdom and beauty of ageing.

Caring for our Face and Skin

As we age, we can feel under pressure to try aesthetic cosmetic treatments but may not know about more holistic options. Looking after ourselves as we change over time is really important, this can mean adapting our lifestyles, work patterns and how we care for ourselves. Looking after our skin and facial structure as we age can help us maintain our faces vibrancy and health.

Acupressure facial treatments

Acupressure facial treatments incorporate working the unique facial structure, muscular structure and lymphatic system to release tension and support the skin and face structure. I also incorporate facial Ga sha which is a modern adaptation of practices from Chinese medicine.

The treatment also includes looking at your whole system using acupressure points and Chinese facial maps to support the whole body and recognise stress patterns. In Chinese medicine our soul is said to shine through our eyes and our complexion represents our wellbeing.

The treatment starts with a consultation to decide on an area to focus on, followed by a scalp, neck and shoulder massage, a cleanse with a hot towel, and the application of facial oils for the facial massage. The treatment goes through a sequence adapted to you, including facial massage work, acupressure points, face tools and cupping.

Areas of tension will also be treatment, this is helpful with things like tension headaches, jaw tension and sleep. You will also be given home care suggestions and routine you use at home.

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