Pain or injury support in Bath

These treatments are tailored to your individual needs and will incorporate different approaches depending on whats right for you.

Injury and post operative Support

For individuals who have injuries I will look at the area of pain and whole-body postural support and strength.

Myofascial release supports the free movement and structure of the body. It is used to help with postural pain and injury recovery. Its a gentle method of working with injury and sports support.

Scar massage work if you have had any operation then scar tissue can cause pain and or alignment issues. I am trained in resolve scar therapy so can support healing and the impact of scaring. This is normally takes place 6-8 weeks postoperatively. But even if a scar s several years old scar work can be very beneficial.

With injury or sports maintenance I also incorporate deeper tissue techniques.

If you enjoy active sports then structural support helps to encourage even power output and general maintenance, to keep your training on track is very helpful.

Chronic pain and Chronic fatigue

For Chronic pain conditions I incorporate myofascial techniques with reflexology and shiatsu. My aim is to always find the best balance for the client; this is a collaborative process.

As someone with a chronic pain condition, I understand the frustration of people offering inappropriate solutions rather than working to properly understand your needs.

To support underlying energy depletion, I often incorporate Moxibustion into treatments.

Changing approaches to chronic pain

NHS NICE guidelines have now changed for Chronic pain as new studies show that pain medication is not seen as an effective long term solution and show little well being benefit for those in pain. Finding other options to include in your self care is very important. Exercises, therapies and mindful approaches are now being recommended.

I feel that life and individuals are complex and being the person leading your own healthcare is really important. I am not looking to offer cures but rather to be part of your support circle. I also work with mindfulness and self-observational approaches where you are the key central component.

I have worked over the past 25 years supporting many clients with conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. These are often lumped together, but the individual profile is not the same.

Fibromyalgia and similar conditions tend to have nerve sensitivity, this means treatments can sometimes cause a temporary aggravation of symptoms before benefits are seen. This is not always the case, but I will adapt the treatment on an individual basis to work out whats best for you.

Moxibustion can help energy depletion something something chronic pain.

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