Acupressure Facial Therapy in Bath

Revitalise your face and mind. This is a full hour treatment working on your head, neck, face, and shoulders.

A deeply relaxing treatment for our face

Acupressure facial therapy not only uses pressure points and facial reflexes to release tension and benefit the whole body, but also techniques that work with the muscular system, skin and fascial structures of the face.

The structure of the face is uniquely designed for us to express ourselves and how we feel. This can lead to us holding a lot of emotion in this area.

Receiving this treatment is deeply relaxing and benefits sleep and stress patterns. It also increases circulation, promotes collagen production, and is linked to the rejuvenation of the skin and underlying structures.

You will have a full consultation where we can decide the right techniques and oils for you. I will initially prepare your face by cleansing with an organic cleaner and warm towels; this will then allow your skin to absorb the specially chosen oils for your needs.

You will then have your shoulders and neck released, followed by the facial work. This may include some very gentle face cupping.

The excess oils are then removed with flower waters which contain their own healing properties and the treatment ends with scalp acupressure work.

I can also give you aftercare support and routines to use at home.

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