Women’s Health

Whatever life stage you’re at, supporting your health and stress levels is important.

Menstrual health

Whatever life stage you’re at, supporting your health and stress levels is important. This may mean supporting your menstrual cycle with issues such as PMS symptoms, regularity, ovulation or heavy or painful periods. Looking a the relationship our menstrual cycle has to our energy levels, mood, and sleep can be very helpful.


Perimenopausal & menopausal symptoms can be long lasting and severe. Even when menstruation has stopped its common for some of the symptoms to continue, whether is hot flushes or sleep issues. As an aromatherapist I often make up blends for treatments and aftercare to support hormone regulation, cramps and sleep patterns.

Incorporating approaches from Chinese medicine using acupressure points and meridians are an additional approach to hormone regulation and womens health issues.

I incorporate this in with massage and reflexology and it is the foundation theory of shiatsu.

I also use moxibustion, a form of Chinese heating therapy which is used to warm acupresue points, this is a great addition to these treatments for supporting heavy periods and tiredness.

Scar Massage:

Post abdominal surgery for example c-section hysterectomy or other surgery eg breast surgery mastectomy. Scar massage is very helpful to aid the healing process and prevent adhesions.

Thus can start from 6-8 weeks post surgery but also even after several years scar massage can be beneficial.

Would you like treatment to support your menstrual health?

Reflexology, shiatsu and women’s health massage treatments can be tailored to you. Massages for women health: These sessions can include abdominal massage including ampuko, a form of Japanese abdomen massage, and acupressure techniques as well back and sacral work.

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